Leadership Development

As a dimension of our mission, we are committed to equipping, developing, and deploying servant-leaders into the world.  Students are encouraged to participate in yearly trips to Student Leadership University (SLU), which occurs at different locations including, Orlando, Washington D.C., and London. At SLU, students are challenged to broaden their horizons as they consider the shape and content Christ-like leadership in contemporary society.  Students may also explore their gifts in our Chapel program. Whether students are interested in the worship arts or public speaking, they may explore those avenues during our mid-week worship service.  As well, students are equipped to lead year long small-groups that aim at facilitating a supportive community on our campus.

Student Leadership University

“Student Leadership University is a faith-based, experiential leadership training program that empowers, enables and equips students to rise to the call of leadership and awaken their potential. A student leadership journey like none other, SLU offers unforgettable experiences that equip students to change the way they think, dream and lead, both today and for the rest of their lives.

We put students in the ultimate classrooms around the U.S. and world, where we offer four progressive, cumulative experiences designed to grow students’ faith, teach them to lead and gain a vision for the future through A Christian worldview. Whether they go behind-the-scenes at Sea World, explore our Nation’s Capital, immerse themselves in history in Europe or walk where Jesus walked in Israel, at SLU, young people learn to think bigger, ignite their calling, impact their world and lead like Jesus.”  Student Leadership University

Worship Arts

Our midweek worship gathering also serves as a venue for students to develop and employ their giftings in the worship arts. Opportunities exist for students to lead worship, speak publicly, or oversee audio-visual production. Worship arts is led by faculty member and accomplished musician Eden Brown.


Annual Middle School and High School retreats provide an opportunity for student’s to practice servant leadership in a unique setting. The Middle School travels to New Life Ranch to experience a challenging but rewarding retreat entitled, Challenge Camp. Challenge Camp, “offers a unique way for students to learn real-world skills like problem-solving, teamwork, communication, conflict resolution, and leadership, all in the context of a Christ-centered program designed to glorify God.” Likewise, the High School travels to New Life Ranch where students, under faculty supervision, develop curriculum and lead their peers in a retreat filled with worship, learning, and fun. New Life Ranch

Belize Mission Trips

Also a part of our Outreach Program, our annual mission trip to Belize facilitates a wonderful opportunity for leadership development. The process of international travel is often an eye and heart opening experience. The mission trip invites students to develop and employ their leadership skills in a cross-cultural context. Students working with administration and faculty work to develop appropriate cross-cultural activities with our Belizean hosts. Such activities include teaching, crafts, and other activities as well as capital improvement projects. We believe that through this leadership opportunity our student’s worldviews are broadened and their love of God’s world enlarged.

Small Group Ministry

The High School provides same gender small group experiences that span the academic year. These small groups are developed and led by seniors participating in the Practicum Program. Senior’s lead small groups on campus during the high school lunch period. Here seniors are challenged to build relationships with underclassmen, serving them through providing opportunities for prayer, discussion, and creative activities.

MacArthur Elementary Reading Program

Seniors participating in our Practicum Program serve the larger Tulsa Community by functioning as reading tutors for students at MacArthur Elementary. Students travel to MacArthur once a week to tutor the same student throughout the academic year often seeing marked improvement in the student’s comprehension as well as the development of a meaningful friendship between the tutor and student. As a Title I school, many are aware that school like MacArthur continue to face major challenges with state-mandated reading tests. We are grateful to be able to supply our students with the opportunity to practice Christ-like leadership in areas of need in our community.