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Out of the Grey: Cultural Vertigo and the Vibrant Gospel of Jesus – Theme 2015-2016

  I avoid malls like the plague. There are a lot of reasons for it; one particular reason involves a recurring feeling I had as a kid, it was a feeling of disorientation walking through the endless rows of shops that all looked the same. I felt like a rat in a lab experiment, though […]

Simply Christian: Theme 2014-15

The spiritual landscape is currently undergoing a tectonic shift. The places and spaces once largely marked by Christian faith are emerging as new mission fields, while the mission fields of yesteryear are becoming centers of vibrant Christian faith. Commenting on this shift Al Mohler offers a perspective now widely accepted by scholars and missionaries alike, […]

Education is not Neutral

We have had a tremendous re-enrollment this year (92%) and an incredible new enrollment this first half of February with five of our grade levels already closed! It is a great encouragement and a blessing to have our families place their trust in the ministry of Wright Christian Academy and we prayerfully join them in […]

Bowl-A-Rama 2014

Our annual fundraiser has become a much anticipated part of the fabric of our community.  This year the goal was set at $24,000 and the challenge given to our students and families.  Once again, the generosity of many and the blessing of the Lord resulted in easily surpassing our goal with a total of $38,000! […]

Washington DC – 2014

We just returned from our bi-annual trip to Washington DC with our eighth and ninth grade students.  Our students had opportunity to experience the birth place of our country in Jamestown, sense the beginnings of the Revolutionary War in Williamsburg, walk through Monticello and spend three days on Capitol Hill.