Consistently scoring in the top 5% of the nation


Kindergarten Academic Program

Kindergarten Teacher, Aubrey Riner

Meet the Teacher

Hello, my name is Aubrey Riner and I have a B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Oklahoma State University. As a graduate of Wright Christian Academy, I desire to give my students the kind of love and guidance that I received from my teachers. To that end, my care for the students goes beyond the classroom. I strive to meet their needs emotionally as well as academically. It is my goal to partner with parents to give children the tools they need to become all that God designed them to be. I use individualized instruction to ensure that each student, being uniquely created, is challenged appropriately.



Our kindergarten program prepares students for a successful educational journey, equipping them to become life-long learners. Our engaging curriculum enhances social, emotional, spiritual, and academic growth by meeting each child’s specific learning style. The environment is setup to be calming and secure in a 1,200 sq. ft. classroom. It is strategically designed with ten centers for an interactive, age-appropriate experience. This includes the following: art, drama, science, math, engineering, listening, reading, teacher table, ABC, and writing. Every subject and activity is designed with a Christian worldview, partnering with our core values of loving God, loving others, and following Christ.

Wright Christian Academy is more than a school. What sets my program apart is the individualized attention I give each child. I pursue excellence by incorporating units of study, field trips, and in-class enrichments while meeting the needs of a diverse student population. The relationships I build extend past student-teacher to entire family units. It is my goal to get to know my students’ families on a personal level to provide the best possible educational experience and build a foundation that goes beyond their time in kindergarten.



  • Phonics- Saxon
  • Math- Saxon
  • Science- Interactive Science
  • Bible- Christian Schools International
  • Reading- Saxon

Units of Study:

  • Johnny Appleseed
  • Pets
  • Zoo
  • Dinosaur
  • Fair
  • Fall
  • Farms
  • Three Little Pigs Compare and Contrast
  • Thanksgiving
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Christmas
  • Winter
  • Arctic
  • Space
  • Color Combinations
  • Dr. Seuss Author Study
  • Community Helpers
  • Eric Carle Author Study
  • Weather
  • Transportation
  • Ocean Research  

In-class Enrichment:

  • Pet visitors during our pet unit 
  • T-Rex visitor during our dinosaur unit  
  • A Native American to speak about the Pawnee tribe during our Thanksgiving unit 
  • Gingerbread Man hunt & visit during our Gingerbread unit
  • Christmas crafts
  • A guest who lived in Alaska during our Arctic unit 
  • A doctor & nurse during our community helper unit 
  • Something to sprout about with Tulsa Master Gardeners 
  • Mystery Readers

Out-of-class Enrichment:

  • Physical Education
  • Library
  • Chapel
  • Spanish
  • Music
  • Computers
  • Accelerated Reading  

Field Trips:

  • Tulsa Zoo  
  • Livesay Pumpkin Patch
  • Tulsa Firefighters
  • PAC play

TerraNova Standardized Achievement Test:

  • 98th Percentile

Parent Testimonials


“Mrs. Riner has impacted my child’s love for learning in a way I could not have. He loves to learn thanks to the way she approaches teaching her students. She does it in such a way that opens their minds to fun, creativity, excitement, & a true love for learning. She pours her heart into her students daily and it shows in their bright smiles and attitudes towards school. Futures change and lives change when you have a teacher like her that pours into your child each and every single day.”


“The kindergarten program at Wright has not only instilled a love for learning in my child but more importantly, it has backed up my parenting in teaching him to love God and love people. Life lessons of kindness, respect, helping one another, encouraging others, thinking about others and looking for the good in others are taught and practiced daily. Above all else, loving God and memorizing His words to them and pointing everything back to a personal relationship with Him is what these children learn. This is how they will change the world.”


“Mrs. Riner is the kind of teacher you pray your child will get their entire way through school. Her heart for teaching is obvious in the day-to-day learning but magnified in the small details. Whether it is an interactive game of tag to make everyone feel inclusive or providing a snack for a hungry child who forgot theirs, or praying over them and living out what it means to love others; she constantly gives of herself each and every single day because her heart is her students. You hear of great teachers who literally changed the lives of their students or the path they take…Mrs. Riner is that great teacher.”


“Mrs. Riner invested a lot of time and energy into ensuring my daughter worked up to her potential. She was able to differentiate her teaching style to my daughter’s learning style, which helped her achieve social and academic successes in the classroom. She now has a strong foundation on which to build her future.”


“I feel the kindergarten program has been beneficial to my daughter. She came from a program where there wasn’t much structure, but because of Mrs. Riner’s knowledge and compassion, she has grown immensely. Mrs. Riner has clear expectations and routines which help the children feel comfortable.”


“My daughter feels safe and loved in Mrs. Riner’s classroom. Having a teacher who cares about children in this way helps set them up for emotional and academic success in the future. She has been able to learn more because she felt secure and her emotional needs were met.”