Jeffrey Brown

Superintendent and Founding Board Member

Welcome to the Wright Christian Academy website! I am so glad you have chosen to take a look at what makes this academy More than a School.” It has been my honor to have been a part of this ministry since the beginning in 1989 when God placed on our hearts the vision of offering to families an education which engages every academic discipline with a desire to understand God more completely.

Helping our students “Hear the Heartbeat of God” as they are challenged academically is what makes this place unique. We believe that primary and secondary school years are incredibly important formative years for children. They need more than just a school; they need a safe and nurturing place to explore their gifts and grow socially, spiritually and academically.

This is a school that believes a good education requires discipline, exceptional teachers, relevant materials, and an understanding that the pursuit of Truth is the pursuit of a person – the Lord Jesus Christ!

Truth is the pursuit of a person – the Lord Jesus Christ!

If we can serve you in your consideration of Wright Christian Academy as a place for your child it would be our privilege to do so.

Grace and Peace,
Jeffrey L. Brown